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All visitors to the International Police Congress ("IPC") website are encouraged to peruse our extensive programs and offerings.  Through the valuable information gained here-from, whether you are an “industry professional” (in Investigation, Security, Law Enforcement, et al), or, a lay entity seeking a qualified professional, or, an institutional / organizational entity desiring to associate with our areas of expertise, any and all questions regarding the benefits and advantages of joining our Professional Association will be quickly and clearly answered.  We urge you to first explore all informative sections of our website in order to gain a complete understanding and full appreciation of our global uniqueness and worldwide reach.  As you will read in the explanatory sections of our website, we carefully re-designed and implemented this Professional Association to meet the needs and requirements of today’s complicated and dangerous world.  For those visiting our site not involved in the industry, but rather seeking assistance, advice, referrals and/or otherwise similar requirements from our Association / its Members, you will find no greater “professional resource” anywhere.  For our Members and/or those involved in the Investigative, Security and Law Enforcement venues seeking membership, the benefits literally “speak for themselves”.
Members are able to utilize "IPC" networking systems in order to foster professional relationships between other Members, clients and ancillary entities involved in the industries we represent. There cannot be a “dollar value” affixed to such a valuable professional tool, whereby global contact may be maintained within the framework of our specialized services.
Members in good standing are automatically included in all "IPC" ”Membership Directories”. These Directories serve our Membership by permitting immediate business exposure for obtaining clients, cases and fostering industry contacts with only the most qualified professionals worldwide. Both educational and business enhancements are a result of regular usage.
The Informer"IPC" quarterly online magazine, serves as another vital benefit to the professional careers of our Members by providing timely and industry-relevant articles, editorials and data / information relating to current trends and industry changes, professionally presented by top authors and contributors for the education and awareness of all.
The Association has created several “special sections” not afforded in most other organizations.   For example, the  "IPC"  “Arbitration and Mediation Tribunal” has been established to assist in matters of any business disputes(s) between Members as well as between Members and Clientele and as a voluntary alternative to costly legal action(s).
The Association’s “Accreditation and Certification Commission” affords professional and educational determination as to the veracity of educational organizations specializing in offering courses in the respective Investigative, Security and Law Enforcement fields by way of accreditation. Concurrently, certifications are awarded to Members having met certain professional and background criteria.
"IPC" “Pro-Bono Program(s)” have been thoughtfully established in order to provide professional aid and assistance in matters where financial hardship is found, and, where exceptional assistance is requested based upon the veracity of each such request.   
Global Symposiums, Conventions, Conferences and Seminars located strategically in various parts of the world on an annual basis further serve to enhance the professional careers of our Members, Affiliates, Sponsors and the general public alike.
For all Members, along with those institutional and/or corporate entities seeking sponsorship-affiliation, "IPC" provides not only an excellent source of business development, but as well provides such entities global exposure to many, many primary and ancillary markets through initial FREE PUBLICITY and other advertising benefits generated by our “Membership Directory” listings. Upgraded advertising modes are of course available to all Members (et al) at reasonable cost. 
Finally, and, of priority consideration, "IPC" global commitment about, and, deep concern for, crimes against children, propagated the establishment of the Association’s “Children Protection International” Division in order to forge ties with all relevant International Entities, Governmental Authorities as well as Non-Governmental / Charitable Agencies whose mission is to fight crimes against children and to provide protection and safety therefor. Matters appertaining to child trafficking, abduction, sexual exploitation, et al, are aggressively addressed and engaged.
As you can see thusfar, we are indeed “very special”. We invite you once again to avail yourself of all site sections which will describe in further detail all of the aforegoing. And, we thereafter very much look forward to having you join the International Police Congress "family of excellence”.

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