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International Police Congress  is proud to announce our Organizational Sponsorship Program.  In furtherance thereof, we hereby offer your company / organization / institution the opportunity to become a Sponsor of our Organization.   Our Corporate Sponsors derive from diverse, global industries, jurisdictions and markets.   Regardless of the nature thereof...
Write for IPC!   If there is a single thing that can be said about anybody involved in any aspect of investigations, police work or security ... it is that we all have some stories to tell!   Of course there are those stories that we have to keep "close to the vest" ... however, if you would like to share your non-confidential experiences, knowledge and "t...

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The International Police Congress accepts select advertising to be displayed on its Agents Club  website.   Reach your target audience, and, by doing so, immediately connect seriously-interested, potential customers to your business.   For advertising information, please contact  "IPC"  Marketing Department …   By Email: Advertising@Police-Congress.C...
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